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Audiopile Review: There are those who believe it’s important to pay attention to the people who do something ‘best’ rather than those who do it first. But we believe the raw energy of discovery is always preferable to the over-refined ‘perfection’ of genre tropes. That’s our position and we’re sticking to it, man. Uh, but Yagya kinda complicates this whole deal. Since 2002, Yaga, aka Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson, has been taking the raw material of Basic Channel/Rhythm & Sound dub-techno and refining it into something absolutely fucking gloriously perfect. Excuse our Icelandic. But if you give 2014’s ‘Sleepygirls’ a listen you’ll see what we mean and will likely be expressing your enthusiasm in an equally profane manner. It’s like that episode of Seinfeld where they just cannot stop swearing every time they eat an impossibly delicious fat-free frozen yogurt. Listen, you may not think frozen yogurt could ever be that delicious. But let us tell you, Yagya makes some obscenely delicious Icelandic yogurt.


In June 2014, Icelandic producer Yagya will release his fifth album, Sleepygirls, across three slabs of vinyl and one mixed CD on Dutch label Delsin. It’s a deep, spacious and dubbed out affair that stays locked at a pleasingly sedentary tempo throughout.

Since 2002 the definitive member of the Thule Musik collective has been crafting lush electronic albums under his Yagya alias and always manages to find pure bliss and beauty and his simple, nature inspired soundscapes. He deals exclusively in full lengths and to date they have come on labels like Sending Orbs, Force Inc. and Subwax Bcn.

“I wanted to create an album that’s atmospheric, repetitive, and easy to listen to over and over again,” says the man himself. “Something that works well in the background (e.g. when concentrating on work), as well as up close in a big sound system. I also wanted to learn how to make my music sound better than before, since I’m a huge sound-nerd, so that was a part of the goal for me personally.”

The album is a fine fusion of tropes from Yagya’s earlier albums, features jazz instrumentalists that improvise beautiful melodies over monotonic, almost drone-like, techno beats and also uses live recordings of Japanese vocals, saxophone and guitar to counter the repetitiveness of the rhythms.

Right from the rolling bliss of the opener, you’re suspended in a womb like pillow of sound that is soft, warm and serenely beautiful. As tracks roll on, the pace stays the same but themes vary from upright and summery to more elongated and insular. This is natural, organic dub that is a delight and a pleasure to listen to.

The vinyl versions of each track have been specially mixed with random LFOs, sonic quirks and unique fingerprints making them the subtly different to the CD version, but overall this is a brain soothing and mind melting album that can soundtrack lazy days, long summer afternoons and warm winter evenings in equal style.

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