Free Shipping in BC on all orders of $150 or more. Free Shipping for rest of Canada and USA on all orders of $200 or more.

Free Shipping in BC on all orders of $150 or more. Free Shipping for rest of Canada and USA on all orders of $200 or more.


How much do you give for a used record?

We give anywhere from 1/3 and up to 1/2 of the value of a record in cash. The more expensive, or the easier it is for us to turn over a used record, the more you get. As an example, if you have a rare record that we think we can sell for $100, we’ll likely give you $50 in cash. If the record is more common, the ratio is closer to 1/3 (ie. that clean Phil Collins record will get you $2 if we’re selling it for $6). We are always happy to negotiate pricing on more collectible vinyl and have a very transparent buying system.


When do you buy used vinyl?

Every single day. The shop is open 11-7 every single day, including holidays (excluding Christmas, which is the one day of year we are closed).

What kind of used vinyl do you buy?

We are open to all styles and genres except classical and opera.

My record is selling for a lot of money on Discogs! How much will you give me?

It all depends. We do use Discogs to help us with gauging demand and pricing for more obscure and collectible records and pressings. However, just because someone sold your pressing of a record on Discogs one time for $200 does not mean that WE can sell it for $200. Discogs is open practically to the entire world for sales. We are a shop located in a city with a limited population, and not all expensive records on Discogs may garner the same value in our city. When using Discogs to evaluate a collectible record we look at the median price (not the highest) to get a rough idea of what an item might sell for. We may also look at the amount of “Wants” a record has or the last time a record has sold at a high price. A record with 500+ “Wants” is likely to sell in our shop faster than, say, a record with 30 “Wants”. While there are collectible records where we are happy to sell in the shop for the median price, or even higher in certain cases, we are not always going to just match the Discogs median pricing. While there is no doubt that the prices of collectible records has climbed over the last several years, we don’t want to be the kind of shop that only sells their records at the highest possible value. Why bother going into a shop to find the exact same pricing you would online??


Can I send you a list of the used vinyl I want to sell?

Yes, but we do not give pricing for used records without inspecting them first. We need to check condition of vinyl and jacket, as well as see which pressing you might have–import vinyl (ie. Japanese, UK etc) pressings can garner you more cash.

I have a lot of records to sell and cannot get them into your shop, do you do house calls?

Yes we do. We’ll come evaluate a collection just about anywhere in the Greater Vancouver area (and beyond for more sought after collections) but we’d prefer to discuss the contents of your collection on the phone or in person before setting out to your house.


What do you give in store credit for vinyl?

We add 30% to the cash value of your records for in store credit. As an example, if the cash value of your records is $100, then you will receive $130 in store credit.

When can I used my store credit?

Store credit can be used any time except during our Anniversary Sale, Boxing Day Sale or on any of the Record Store Days that occur throughout the year. Credit notes are applicable to anything we sell in the store.

Do you buy used CDs?

Yes we do, though we can be very picky and will rarely buy entire collections. We tend to give a flat rate ranging from $1-2 for more common discs that are free of scratches. We give 50 cents – $1 for any disc that we can use that have light marks or scuffs. We are happy to negotiate higher pricing for CD collections that are deemed to be more collectible.

Do you buy cassettes?

Yes. Pricing can vary here, though we tend not to sell common cassettes for more than a couple bucks a piece, so cash value may only be $1 a cassette or so. We will pay more for cassettes that we deem to be more collectible or in demand.

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