“The entire world seems to be moving toward wirelessness,” a computerised voice coldly states. It’s a particularly prescient statement from a producer already highly regarded for exploring the impact of technology as one half of Drexciya and member of Dopplereffekt.

Beneath the intellectual fascinations of Wireless Internet, popping arps and rumbling sequencers make for a subtle work of remarkable beauty and practical-conceptual brilliance to rival Kraftwerk’s greatest works. A narrator ponders the technological-philosophical space while synthesisers colour the soundscape. The electro likes of ‘Illuminated Displays’ and ‘Wireframe Images’ almost certainly provide the blueprints for artists found on modern labels Central Processing Unit, Clone or Cultivated Electronix. However even as the lineage of Wireless Internet is easy for any electro fan to trace, the record’s title track succeeds in sounding completely singular in its studied minimalism.

Whether or not the internet has since proven to be a ballast or a buoy for humanity, Gerald Donald masterfully aestheticises the big question with Wireless Internet, a record that is as peerless now as it was in the early 2000s. Essential material.