The ideal first port of call for those looking to get an overview of Daniel Johnston’s songwriting canon, Welcome To My World collects recordings that span the entirety of his career, reaching as far back as 1981’s Songs Of Pain cassette (‘Living Life’ and ‘Never Relaxed’ being the earliest contributions to this selection) and encompassing excerpts from his most famous recordings Hi, How Are You and Yip/Jump Music as well as later studio albums, such as 1990, which yielded well-known songs like ‘True Love Will Find You In The End’, ‘Some Things Last A Long Time’ and ‘Devil Town’ (all present and correct here). As a Best Of package this is a solid effort, particularly given that any collection of Johnston’s work is bound to be met with complaints from fans about what’s been left out (“no ‘Hey Joe’?”, etc.); given the size of his discography however, this if nothing else functions as an excellent introduction.