Placid Angles is the alias of seminal electronic artist John Beltran. We’re delighted to present this 4-track EP which will come out on July 22nd 2022.

John Beltran:

“Surprising to most this is my first Placid Angles “EP”. I’ve only released long players under this moniker and I couldn’t be happier with this four tracker. I’m also super excited to be working with Nic and AD 93.
I really wanted to get back to a 90’s energy for this project. That genuine IDM energy and feel that inspired me so many years ago. I have also thrown in some subtle 303 arps on this for your enjoyment!
I always kicked the idea around that I would only produce a couple more Placid Angles records for personal and nostalgic reasons then be done with it but the outpour of love and enthusiasm for my Placid material has me ALL in and wanting to keep at it with this special side project. So I will!”