After crafting one of the most enduring albums of the last few years with 2008’s ‘Hazyville’, Actress sets his sights on the future with a crucial debut for Honest Jon’s.

Wheras it’s predecessor was composed over a staggered period of many, many years, this album was fashioned in a fraction of that time, lending a tangible symmetry between these shapeshifting tracks that’s as loose as it is detached from the rest of the modern herd. Of the 14 tracks he’s selected, we’ve previously encountered the first two, with the unstable space float of ‘Hubble’ appearing on a shady Thriller 12″ and his remix of Various Production’s ‘Lost’ reminding us how good his most overlooked cuts can be.

From here in it’s all about that next-level longing, sealing the airlock and initiating pressure sequence with ‘Futureproofing’, before laying down the robo-boogie with ‘Always Human’. Showing a teflon resistance towards easy categorisation, ‘Get Ohn (Fairlight Mix)’ swerves down a side street into a footwurkin’ face-off by cyborgs sliding to a mutilated mix of Jon E Cash and Chez Damier played underwater. Next we hit the erogenous interzone of ‘Maze’ and that incapacitatingly lush bassline designed to lock into your central nervous system and send shockwaves of piloerection to every f*cking corner of your soul.

After that, we’re cynically dumped into the Ferraro-esque Prince tribute ‘Purple Splazsh’, and on into the Detroit ghetto stalk of ‘Let’s Fly’. The dissonant robo-crunk of ‘The Kettle Men’ and closing entry ‘Casanova’ confirm that if anything, Actress is only suffering from a surfeit of ideas and expanded technical expertise. Proof, if it were needed, that there is a sprawling future beyond the stasis of so much contemporary electronic music.