Honest Jons finally compile their amazing lineup of Tony Allen remixes for this one mighty package. Reworkings from Basic Channel’s Mark Ernestus and Mauritz Von Oswald head the lineup, with Mauritz delivering a Ten and a half minute basic channel classic, a mighty Steppers version that unfolds in textbook Rhythm & Sound style, using the deepest tools imaginable within that impossibly spacious, fuzzed-out environment that only Basic Channel ever seem to produce so effortlessly. Carl Craig, meanwhile, utilises all the dancefloor savvy and careful vocal manipulations marked out on his finest and most sought after remixes of the last few years, delivering a fierce drum edit as good as his classic remix for The Congos a few years back. We have a mighty soft spot for the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble reworking that’s also featured here, we’ve been spinning it more or less endlessly since it was first released and everyone we play it to begs us for a copy. The Ensemble take on Tony Allen’s “Losun” and come out sounding like a school brass band touched by pure genius. Hard to over-emphasise how good this is, for sure one of the best things on this excellent set. After further contributions from the likes of Diplo, Bonde Do Role, Wraeika Hill Sounds, Newham Generals, Son Palenque and Salah Ragab, you’ll be left in no doubt that you’re in the presence of one of the most exquisitely curated, brilliantly executed remix packages of the decade.