Expanded version of the 1987 mini-album released on Creation Records. Described as a “minor classic” by Luke Haines. Band features Luke Haines, Martyn Casey (The Triffids, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) and Alsy Macdonald (The Triffids). Includes: Dave Westlake’s Westlake album from 1987; BBC session recorded with members of The Go-Betweens plus two studio demos of unused songs. David Westlake’s first album finally gets a new day in the sun in the wake of his brilliant current LP My Beautiful England. 36 years after it first appeared in 1987 on Creation Records David Westlake formed The Servants in 1985, who released two excellent singles and appeared on the NME compiled C86 LP. Searching for a stable Servants line-up to release an album he recruited Luke Haines (The Auteurs/Black Box Recorder) via an NME advert, who came on board, and stayed for five years. After failing to find a committed rhythm section, he enlisted the help of Martyn Casey and Alsy Macdonald and recorded the 1987 Westlake album for Creation. Overlooked at the time, the record was later described as a minor classic by Luke Haines himself. It is included here. It also contains the previously unreleased Janice Long BBC session recorded in the summer of 1987 featuring Go-Betweens members Robert Forster, Amanda Brown, and Robert Vickers. As chronicled in an interview in US music magazine The Big Takeover (issue 53, 2004), Belle and Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch was a huge Westlake fan and tried to locate him in the early 1990s in hope of forming a band with him, before launching Belle and Sebastian in his school class instead. Sleeve notes by Luke Haines.