Watching From A Distance (2006), Warning’s second and so far last album, is already a cult classic, an album that successfully broke the conventions and confines of the Doom Metal genre.
“I’m relieved and happy to finally see the first official vinyl re-release of Watching from a Distance. With its improved cover art and layout, full lyrics and liner notes, this is the definitive edition of the album and I’m proud to have been able to work on it together with Svart Records.”
Patrick Walker
“I think what I resisted initially was that the album seemed like an open-wound – an antithesis to the maleness of most traditional metal, or at the very least the latent aggression most metal was potent with, yet also free from the swords-and-sorcery of traditional doom… It wasn’t laden with abstraction or concerned with seeking escape. In fact it was the opposite, introspective in almost diary form, at times even uncomfortable. Yet over time its vulnerability was revealed as its greatest strength.”
Alan Averill (Primordial)

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