The first in a series of compilations by Jura Soundsystem is a blend of dub, ambient, downtempo, boogie, and proto house with a focus on music never before released on vinyl, sought-after out-of-print titles and some special versions edited specifically for the album. The intention with this project was to delve deeper into the reissue pond and unearth some lesser known tracks and artists. Highlights include Smackos’ (AKA Legowelt) ambient epic “We Can Watch Alf In The Hotel Room”, from Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Research (2007), never before released on vinyl, the dub/psych hybrid of Minus Group’s “Black Shadow”, Kash’s sought-after “Percussion Sundance” and special edits of Ken Dang and Tabou Combo Superstars. The end of the album includes some soothing ambient tools. Also features Astral Engineering, Trevor Bastow, Blindboy, and Mix-O-Rap.

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