2019 repress. Zinging, absolutely deadly seven-track EP from Mica Levi on her return to DDS. Features three tracks with Tirzah (including the much sought-after “GO”), plus a dextrous Demdike Stare edit of “I Dare You” to chase up 2014’s acclaimed Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill LP (DDS 011LP, 2015) for mutant dancefloors and sun-kissed headphone journeys. Smitten by the hugely addictive, brilliantly slippery two-step twister on “GO” (there’s been a video online for this track since 2011) Demdike suggested the cut for release on DDS, and were subsequently privileged to peruse the unique space-time folds and dance/pop sampledelia of Mica’s archive. As they also found out whilst compiling her last solo LP; it’s a deeply rewarding experience to explore the Mica’s output: immersing themselves in her peerless world of refractive colors, sawn-off textures and teasing arrangements. They’ve emerged with a joyously unhinged party-ready EP, traversing the mercurial two-step viscosity of Mica and Tirzah’s “GO”, to their addictively sticky ohrwurm, “I Dare You”, and the free cosmic pop whorl of “Trip6love”, before taking in the clanking ragga jag of “More Red” with Brother May, aka the London-based MC who voiced Mica’s Fact Mix 444 in 2014. The cherry on top is a crucial Demdike edit of “I Dare You”, an extended serve of the original. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton.

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