Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Following instinct and synthesizing earthly pulses into universal offerings. A close listener illuminating the invisible stratum in audible form, channelling inspirations into rhythmic mysticism. AKA Dakim, the Detroit native attuned to the progressive continuum honoring those who laid the path: Ellington, Dilla, Scientist, Monk, and Rza are amongst his sages. He gives forth his own voice to merge with their resonance. Illumination bringing forth evolution through sound. Always onward, giving us glimpses into a radiant wellspring. There is deep soulfulness in his shattered sounds. Amplifying intuitive consciousness and bounces it back in layered brilliance. An intimate reflection of the universe within. Life vibrations fuel exploration. Receiving Detroit techno transmissions while his mom cooked dinner. Slum Village shaman Baatin imparted wisdom. New worlds unfolded in LA with Project Blowed’s infinite hip hop possibilities. Dub opened ears through boundless echoes. Pauses to click with crickets for their cadence. Filters his influences into wholly original forms: a dusty mist flowing through the air, a swing that won’t stop, a breath of acknowledgment to the WOW of the world. He is forging paths between now and forever. Music is the language of life that Dakim is living. Synchronize with him and elevate your own existence.

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