Love Spectrum is the debut album from Whoarei – released on Nosaj Thing’s Timetable Records imprint, these are 14 incandescent canvases produced in Whoarei’s bedroom between the years 2013 to 2017.

It includes the official release of “Loving You Ain’t Complicated,” the main sample from Kendrick Lamar’s “u” on To Pimp A Butterfly. Synthesized in full, the album is akin to Dam Funk collaborating to make fluorescent sub-tropical heaters with Kaytranada or Toro y Moi creating music from memory based on the legacy of Vito Ricci.

But of course, this is the uncut vision of Whoarei, a composer, musician and Grammy-Award winning producer from Sacramento, CA. You can hear the ancestral rhythms of his Salvadorian and Puerto Rican roots in the soulful fusion of the soundscapes. Salsa plays an elemental role in these compositions. Much of Whoarei’s childhood was spent in Puerto Rico, where he absorbed this classical blend of jazz and African rhythms. On Love Spectrum, you can hear this in the technicolor mélange; these are compositions that celebrate and clearly understand the artist’s heritage. Each recording is crammed with lapidary detail, the imperfections retained to add to the swelling humanity.