Berlin’s Sebastian Counts continues his German approximation of British hauntological eccentricity on his second album. “Vaganten” is as colourful as Plone or The Belbury Poly, but serves the nursery rhyme synths and Radiophonic beats with cold beer, bratwurst, and a side of dark rye bread.

On Counts’ first ToiToiToi album, 2017’s “Im Hag”, the conceptual artist proposed that Ghost Box’s home of Belbury was twinned with Germany’s Ethernbach im Hag, and provided a dusty soundtrack as proof. ‘Vaganten’ is the next chapter in the story, and brings an air of continental Medieval whimsy into Belbury’s charming psychedelic realm.

The album’s title track expresses this best, sounding like a Medieval drinking song – flutes ‘n all – recomposed using an Atari ST and a 1980s digi-dub synth setup. There’s even an almost indecipherable vocal funneled through a vocoder so it warbles as if it’s being drowned. Similarly, on ‘The Inner Hobo’ Counts’ vintage monosynths are overshadowed by evocative archaic flutes and Medieval strings. It’s these fairytale moments that work best on “Vaganten” and set Counts out on his own.