Mute re-tell the charming story of Telex, Belgium’s legendary disco band, with a peach-packed compilation of trimmed/remastered hits hailing a comprehensive reissue scheme on the horizon. File right up there next to Kraftwerk, YMO, The Human League, Vince Clarke

Best known for ocean-crossing anthem ‘Moscow Disko’, which was massive in USA and UK as well as their native lowlands; Telex’s Marc Moulin, Dan Lacksman, and Michel Mors created an influential legacy of playful, frothy disco and synth-pop that has hardly been bettered and, like the best of their era, has firmly withstood the test of time. ’This Is Telex’ marks their 30 years of skin in the game between formation in 1978, and their disbanding following the death of Moulin in 2008, with a carousel of picture perfect synth and electro-pop produced during the golden era when this sound marked a revolution in music production and popular culture.

Forefathers of a Belgian scene that would give the world Soulwax and Stroom, Telex made music with vim and humour and exacting style that would see them gain success everywhere from early Detroit warehouse parties to chic NYC clubs and diskotheeks at home. ‘This Is Telex’ works as an ideal primer for anyone unaware of their history, holding 14 cherrypicked examples of their sleek studio finesse and the kind of classic vocals that will – presuming you’re one of the unknowers – lay instant ohrwurms and have one wondering just how the chuff they’ve slept on them for so long.

If you’re young and fresh to the band, run go check their all-time evergreen ‘Moscow Disko’ (yep, that’s them!) or the perky ‘Twist à Saint-Tropez’ for starters, and maybe a shot of their Euro-bop bullet ‘Euro-vision’, or the lip-bitingly sharp Italo zinger ‘L’amour toujours’, and the Art of Noise-esque ‘Radio-Radio’ for high club frolics, while longer term heads may also keen to hear their previously unreleased twist on Sonny & Cher’s ’The Beat Goes On’, and The Beatles’ ‘Dear Prudence’ reset in Belgian chamber-pop synth style.