..ABA/NIGERIA’ – “It’s been a long journey from the day in Nigeria when we found, inside an Alpha Kuffa – ‘Messiah I’ sleeve, a blank test press of the Yangaman Bob LP with a little Top Rank sticker on it, to the day we met the producer, the great and brilliant George Dureke, who gave us the test presses of the remaining unreleased albums from his Top Rank label, until the complicated audio restoration handled by Colin Young and Bassi Maestro. After two years of hard and intensive work this compilation is ready to see the light! Eight unreleased digital roots tracks made in Nigeria in the late ’80s, never released or pressed, if not on a couple of test presses made on recycled plastic. Surely it includes some of the most interesting reggae music made in the Roots Land called Nigeria!
Now ready to be spreaded worldwide!” ~Dig This Way Records.
Limited to 500 copies. Comes with a nice handwritten insert printed on recycled paper.