Futurist sonic collagist Ras-G delves even deeper in to the realm of psychonautic travelling in his most recent tape release “El-Aylien Part 1” on the fantastic Los Angeles based label Leaving Records. In this cosmo-cerebro mixtape, Ras G sculpts temporal abstractions of music concrete which traverse strange new sonic territory in a wonky dimension of space hop. Weaving a vague narrative through spoken word samples of Sun Ra, Ras G alludes to himself as a beat-making astral traveller trapped in Los Angeles.

In these collages, he voyages through contorted regions of the sound spectrum further than most have dared to venture. El-Aylien diverges from his earlier releases, in that it is exponentially more abstract and largely rhythmically deconstructive. It is also fairly brief – consisting of only 12 minutes of original music (plus two remixes), El-Aylien is a somewhat modest collection of short musical essays. Both promising and exciting, yet teasing and stranding, this release is a tantalising artefact precursing what is sure to be an immense future event.