Deadly junglist wormhole experiments with concrète x avant jazz from Japan, 1998 – a 100% must-check if you were floored by Derek Bailey’s jungle tapes, Christoph De Babalon’s calcium-deficient D&B, or if you just fancy the thought of Photek/Souce Direct on a jolly with Boredoms’ Yamatsuka Eye.

Taking on a much needed new life on its first ever vinyl pressing, Jigen’s ‘Stone Drum Avantgardism’ is exemplary of the point in the hardcore ‘nuum when the jungle virus brukked loose beyond the UK and infected the rest of the world in radical ways. It clearly hit differently in Japan, where Tokyo’s Shi-Ra-Nui label were twisting it out in bold mutations, re-splicing its Afro-Caribbean roots with traces of avant-jazz, cranky industrial atmospheres and textured concrète bosh.

With the benefit of hindsight, Jigen’s work is comparable with the recently resurfaced tapes of Derek Bailey jamming over London pirate radio in ’97 as much as the desiccated mood of Christoph De Babalon or OG jazz fusion-sampling gear by Photek or Source Direct. Aye, it’s a lot, flinging bodies between shaky twin-bladed rotor breaks and Eraserhead industrial tones into deep furrowed jazz noir before hustling into devilishly dreamy mode and really crossing over with those Derek Bailey tapes on the 10 minutes of tail-chasing breaks and janky Joanna keys on album closer ‘五番勝負対次弦狂雲斎’.

So much buried treasure out there, it never ends!