Rumskib’s first and only album will be available on vinyl. The 2xLP will be available in limited editions of both color and black vinyl with three bonus tracks: An ultra rare Slowdive cover “Shine” as well as two tracks recorded after the album’s release. “Secrets” was originally featured on Little Darla has a Treat for You, Vol. 27. “Neon Touch” has never previously been released in any form.

Rumskib was a duo from Odense, Denmark consisting of Keith Canisius and Tine Louise Kortermand. When Rumskib’s self-titled debut was first released back in 2007, it came out amidst a shoegaze and dream-pop revival. My Bloody Valentine had just reformed and lots of new bands – in rock as well as electronica – were rediscovering the first wave of British shoegaze bands and were exploring loud, hazy, transcendent sounds. Rumskib, however, were doing it their own way. At heart they were a pop band. And their sound – as experimental and far reaching as it is – has neatly arranged songwriting at its core. Add to that the fact that Rumskib were absorbing new wave bands from the 1980s as much as noisy bands from the British shoegaze scene and they weren’t afraid reaching for grand hooks.

There’s a radiant, uplifting quality to Rumskib’s sonic excursions. For the album’s production the duo teamed up with producer Jonas Munk (a.k.a solo ambient artist Manual, Billow Observatory and Ulrich Schnauss collaborator), who added synths and neatly programmed beats and electronics to all the tracks, and is responsible for the shimmering, expansive mix.

Following the album Rumskib did play several shows, mostly in their native Scandinavia but also made it to London’s legendary Club AC30 with Ulrich Schnauss and Manual. They never recorded a follow-up but the album managed to stay alive nonetheless, slowly gaining status as a ”nu-gaze” classic. It currently has over 1,500,000 streams on Spotify.

Rumskib is an album of well concealed pop gems that recall some of the genres heavyweight performers, such as My Bloody Valentine and the Cocteau Twins. -No Ripcord

The style is familiar, but no less special for it, especially considering how enthusiastically it’s played, how lovely the atmosphere, how pretty the melodies, and how the songs are constructed with a spirit of adventure and joy. -Erasing Clouds

By cleverly emphasizing the “pop” in dreampop and injecting in to it their own Scandinavian weirdness, Rumskib have hit upon all that was good about their heroes and proved that it really doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the lyrics, it is best just to lose yourself in the exquisite music. -Leonard’s Lair

Much of shoegazer music has this air of being lofty and distant, with the human aspect so completely buried under layers upon layers of noise that it’s reduced to just another instrument. It’s impressive to listen to, but sometimes difficult to connect to emotionally. Rumskib creates the same impressive sounds, but there’s also a sense of joy and excitement that is constantly bubbling up from just below the surface of the album. The end result is shoegazer pop that proves to be far more affecting and infectious than one might initially think. -Opus Zine