Two years since ‘Splazsh’ topped a stack of annual polls, Actress presents his 3rd, and most coherent album, ‘R.I.P’ – his 2nd for Honest Jon’s.

Despite being a vital cog in the machinery of underground UK dance and electronics since at least 2004 (when he released his ‘No Tricks’ debut), it’s fair to say that it’s only in the last few years he’s made the shift from cult concern to acknowledged auteur of some repute. His work with Damon Albarn’s DRC Music, beside a legendary DJ set at Sonar and killer remixes of Shangaan Electro, Panda Bear and Radiohead all certify the fact; so expectations are no doubt set high for ‘R.I.P’.

Produced exclusively on hardware and inspired by Milton’s classic poem ‘Paradise Lost’, he’s arranged his most labyrinthine, esoteric release to date; a timeless set of 15 tracks traversing crystallized radiophonics and subterranean Techno with a psychedelic sideswipe that leaves us dazed and beguiled. By assimilating machine-like characteristics – his notions of “seeping yourself liquid into the machinery” and “I’m just an instrument, I’m completely dead when I write” – he’s become an interpreter, a symbiotic conduit of semi-lucid visions into the interzone whose revelations contain the potential to manipulate your consciousness in magical ways compared to the prosaic intentions of so much bland and overwrought electronic music out there.

The newfound clarity and fluid narration of ‘R.I.P.’ makes this the most intriguing chapter in the Actress saga so far – an unmissable experience.