Not only do London Modular Alliance run our Barry’s (aka Apta) favourite outlet for modular synth bits and bobs (, they also make some of the best new electro available in the current market. Revamping the genre with state-of-the-art synthesis and modular sound design which yeilds richer textures and really quite stunning results in comparison to some of the more primitive hardware jams out there. “Portable Sanctuary” is their first full length since their artist inception in 2016 and features their unrivalled vision of bone-rattling, dark electro alongside haunted ambience interludes and some brilliantly dazzling braindance / IDM moments. Whilst nicely packed with 14 tracks across two LPs expert attention has been taken with the sequencing and mastering to ensure that the discs also bite on a club soundsystem; especially important when you consider some of the frequency weight these tracks contain.

Holding their own against other modern bass hybrids (think Joy O, Boddika, Club Winston) ensure these classic electro purists can cut it alongside newer material championed by the likes of Ben UFO.