Finally, Music From Memory carry us back over the Atlantic to survey Brazilian flirtations with electronic and contemporary music c. 1984-1996, covering a spectrum of new wave pop, ambient balm, and experimental grooves. Killer set!!!

It’s maybe fair to say that, during the golden era for ambient and electronic dance music – roughly the period covered in this comp – Brazil’s contributions have been largely overlooked in the Western world. ‘Outro Tempo II: Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1984-1996’ seeks to remedy this with a cherry-picked overview of this epoch that highlights spellbinding works by Mitar Subotić (aka Serbian producer Sub/Rex Ilusivii, tipped off by Vladimir Ivkovic) alongside stacks of uniquely humid, sensuous, feverishly psychedelic visions from artists you’ve likely never heard before.

Mitar Subotić is credited on three highlights, including a gem in ‘Velvet’ from his psychedelic samba-rock project Angel’s Breath, and Faust Fawcett serves standouts with his Lena Platonos-like ‘Império Dos Sentidos’ and the slunky bump of ‘Shopping De Voodoos’, but if it’s straight-up dancefloor heat and percussion that you’re (understandably) looking for, then it’s best to check out peaches such as May East’s woozy batacuda ‘Maraka’, the spaced-out, psychy slosh of Akira S, the lithe but smudged jazz-fusion shimmy of ‘Ilha Grande’ by Jorge Degas & Marcelo Salazar, and what sounds like one of James Ferraro’s ‘Far Side Virtual’ workouts, but with fruity, squawking vocals in ‘Guero-Guero’ by Tetê Espíndola.