After peaking our interest with a forward-thinking remix of Auntie Flo’s ‘Highlife’ back in 2012, SOPHIE returned the following year with her debut EP for the Huntleys & Palmers label. Across gilded dance floors comes the title track ‘Nothing to Say’ – a gloriously buoyant swinging house joint peppered with vocal wails and the kind of synth-twirls that the Nights Slug’s crew would be proud of. Elsewhere, there’s the dub mix, as well as ‘Eeehhh’, a technicolour synthetic dance floor banger.

‘Nothing More To Say’ set the stage for SOPHIE’s eventual world takeover. Her staple elastic bass, silicone plastic drum samples, and high-energy vocals teetering on the edge of euphoria and unease. They’re all there in waiting on her very first original track, along with the equally inspiring ‘Eeehh’. This new issue also includes both the vocal and dub versions of NOTHING MORE TO SAY on vinyl for the first time. Looking back on this landmark release for Huntleys & Palmers, it’s clear that SOPHIE was a unique artist. Moulded from familiar touchstones (house, electro, hardcore, synth pop, drone and beyond) she created a sound all her own, and she had the elements dialled in from day one. Unfortunately, the world lost one of its true trailblazing artists at the height of her powers, but the art we do have from SOPHIE lives on forever.