We Say “Finally in stock, we now have copies of Sault’s new album “Nine”. On their fifth release in two years, the mysterious outfit show absolutely no signs of losing steam or inspiration. Probably their most fun release to date, with tracks ranging from heady neo-soul meets hip-hop (“You From London” feat one of this year’s breakout artists Little Simz), the energized post-punk breakbeats of “London Gangs”, to the trip-hop inflected melancholia of “Bitter Streets”, “Nine” proves the band can take a myriad of styles and forge them into their own unmistakable sound. This is a one-time only pressing and the copies we have are all we will ever get.”

Sault – the clandestine collective with a talent that knows no bounds – return with their incredible album ‘NINE’; infectious, catchy, ardent soul music that perfectly soundtracks the essence of the time that we currently live. Essential release!