John Swing of Gaia Tones debuts under the Monoculture name with four searching and shifting steppers that share the ambition of the best GT work while pushing out into different terrain. Across the four tracks, Swing splits the difference between cold world minimal techno (Last), deep house exploration (Untitled Journey) and jazz-minded acid (Machines Makes Time), landing like a man well schooled in the finer arts of early Herbert, Theo Parrish’s Smile and at it’s most open, Soho’s great Hot Music. You’d expect no less from anyone connected with Gaia Tones, but this is exemplary stuff, making nods to the greats but also retaining its own unwavering authenticity. All killer, but This Generation feels like the stand out moment to me, a 10 minute long minimal pulse punctuated with echoing vocal samples, jazz drum fills and a unnervingly foreboding ambience. We await future output with interest. Edition of 500.