Originally released in 2012 on the artist’s own Unseen label only in digital formats, Moiety by Helios aka Keith Kenniff gets a well-deserved physical release in a new 2022 vinyl edition, remastered by Taylor Deupree. In 2012, Kenniff shared this free, digital-only collection called Moiety, which marked a notable shift in pace, both in output and style. Slower, more meditative than past work, Moiety honed in on Kenniff’s proclivity as an ambient producer. Moiety is a stunning piece of work, largely instrumental with vocals as an instrument rather than a voice. It’s a visceral listen with cinematic scope. No surprise that the opener “Nothing It Can” is one of Helios’ most streamed tracks in his whole catalog. First time vinyl edition of this previously digital only release. Includes download code; edition of 500. 45 rpm.