The cosmic deep house grog is strong on Omar Meftah & Thomas Xu’s first Meeting Point communiqué for the Sound Signature fam

Converging on a mutual, cosmic spirit after emerging in recent years via their private labels, Musha Publishing, and Steady Flight Circle, respectively, Meftah & Xu play out chiral sides of freeform synth jazz and deep house for the connoisseurs in their maiden collaboration.

At full wingspan on the A-side, ‘Bells and Thunder’ conjures a whole humid pressure system of alternating synth jazz weather fronts, all fluttering arps and oily, chromatic contours freckled with chimes and arced by hypnagogic harmonies for 20 minutes of intuitive Detroit nous quite unlike anything else from he scene in recent memory.

Their B-side gives DJs a little more to grasp onto with the deep fried dub sizzle of ‘Bossa Beat’, and prime Theo vibes on the title tune’s breezy saunter, delete with soirée chat smudged into the background, before consolidating those sides in the dawning hustle of ‘Morning Air’.