A newly discovered mixing desk recording from 1974 featuring classic tracks from Gong (and its gifted guitarist Steve Hillage) at its creative peak.
Recorded in the middle of its most critically lauded Radio Gnome Invisible Trilogy era, Live at Longlaville: Salle Elsa-Triolet, 27.10.74 is a previously unreleased concert recently discovered in the archives. Despite 1974 being one of the most intensive years in the band’s history, with over 150 gigs clocked up, relatively few live recordings from that time exist. We are fortunate to have unearthed such a good one. When it came to squirrelling away recordings for future enjoyment, enlightenment or even possible enrichment, Gong were not the Grateful Dead.

Within these recordings you can hear Gong in their prime and firing on all cylinders.