Hayden Pedigo has put together a quiet monster he calls ‘Letting Go’.
It was recorded in a secret studio in Littlefield, Texas, the birthplace of Waylon Jennings. This music does not seem probable coming out of that flatland world…the hard geography of the Texas Panhandle.

But that’s exactly where it comes from.
This music inside of Hayden grew up in Amarillo and has moved right along with him down to Lubbock.

But don’t let that fool you… it is its very own world.

There is a unique motion and sprawl running through all these songs. Like being in a nice car easy rolling through a beautiful night with a big full moon. It takes you straight inside yourself…listening to your own blood veins and nervous system streaming through your living body all at once.

It probably violates a lot of Good Ol’ Boy expectations.

It makes room for itself in a lot of places you haven’t even considered.

That is exactly why it is important.