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Present Future / Here There

Format: 2xLP


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Audiopile Review: Leaving nary a breadcrumb trail leading up to this release, except a couple digital only releases and a lone track on a 4-way 12” split, Swiss producer Lb Honne arrives on the scene with this stunning debut LP that leans into the Giegling school of atmospheric house and techno. “Musium” kicks off the album with a slow-motion ambient intro that segues into dubby punches and twinkling tones, all starry-eyed and dripping with reverie, then leading into the quickening pulse of the lengthy “Viaggio”, a deftly crafted track with a clubby tempo that’s offset by shimmering warmth. Across the nine expansive tracks here, Honne proves himself a master of tension and atmosphere—a proper deep listening full length, highly recommended for fans of Carsten Jost, Lawrence, DJ Healer/Prime Minister of Doom, and the rest of the Dial Records crew. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on future releases from Honne, who has marked himself as one to watch. Limited edition pressing.


Following up a digital only effort on Swiss imprint Vorgott, plus subsequent remix package, Zurich-based producer Karl Primo aka Lb Honne steps up to deliver his debut long player on Project Indigo.

Set for release in April, ‘PRESENT FUTURE / HERE THERE‘ LP delivers nine solo tracks spanning warm tonal ambiance and deep house tendencies, embellished with effervescent vocals and club focussed frequencies.

With the majority of the album piqued for downtempo and introspective moments, the album is also bejewelled with a sprinkling of club sonics, which leads us into our premiere and album highlight ‘Sky Funk‘.

Propelled with shuffling shakers and deep house drum work, ‘Sky Funk‘ gradually develops an enchanting aura of melancholia that can be compared to that finite moment, when the swollen sun sets beneath the horizon. Earmark this one for summertime open-air raves, this is the ideal accompaniment.

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