Unique female gazes into a micro-scene within the NYC Downtown art scene circa late ’78-’85: as seen through the lens of a variety of feminist perspectives on new wave and true next wave sound!

An ultra-violet time machine to a micro-scene viewed and heard through the curation of twin artists Linda and Ellen Kahn, who together are TwinArt. This magnificent journey features the music they created for the Manhattan Cable, along with other female voices from within their orbit.

Instant This Instant That is built around the coveted flexi disc from an art mag that featured a song by Taste Test and a cut from Intense Molecular Activity (IMA). Joining the fun are Jill Kroesen, who contributes her cult A-side “I Really Want To Bomb You” along with two unissued cuts from her poetic and percussive headspace.

Multi-media artist Julia Heyward, once known as Duka Delight, contributes two songs she put to tape working with IMAʼs Don Hunerburg that are poignant and powerful as the work sheʼs shown at the Whitney or the video she directed for The Talking Heads (”Burning Down The House”!?!?).

Post-punk “Do-Dada-ists” The Dance contribute quite a bit here, including an unissued demo, a cut from an EP, and two collaborations with TwinArt.

All of these treasures are woven together by sound art shorts from IMA under the guidance of TwinArt. This album is as delightful as the cover art of Ellen and Lynda suggests.