In 1970, when Swiss garage-beat band Les Sauterelles split, their leader, Toni Vescoli, decided to start a solo career. At first, inspired by Dylan, he thought of going strictly acoustic, but he soon changed his mind and started incorporating psychedelic and electric elements to his sound, such as feedback, primitive drum machines, guitars and vocals filtered through Leslie speakers etc., as he was also influenced by bands like Pink Floyd and King Crimson. He also incorporated into his repertoire some of the songs he had written for the never-recorded Sauterelles concept album, Seven Deadly Sins. In 1971, Toni released his debut solo album, Information, a folk-rock/psychedelic gem which reflected his influences at the time: folk, rock, psychedelia, and progressive-rock. From fragile acoustic numbers to dark, wigged-out psychedelic tracks, this is highly recommended to anyone into C.Q.-era Outsiders or Frank Nuyen’s Rainman album. Stunning mastertape sound, original gatefold sleeve, repro of the rare poster and insert with detailed liner-notes by Mike Stax.