Nigel Ayers ov industrial pioneers Nocturnal Emissions supplies cranky, offbeat dubs to Príncipe’s weirder sibling, Holuzam

‘In Dub’ holds Ayers most concerted effort in the echo chamber, committing his formative, longtime love of its etheric spatialisation and meditative appeal after some 30 odd years of dicing with its techniques in a plethora of mutant industrial, post-punk, dark ambient styles.

Nigel originally hails from the Peak District, far from any soundsystem culture, but formative years Brixton osmotically and explicitly instilled a love of dub in context, much like many musicians who moved from the provinces to urban centres such as London, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, etc. Therefore, his take on the sound isn’t strictly orthodox, but skewed by nature, resulting an odd slant on digi-dub across these eight tracks, from the moonboot skank of ‘Follow the Science Dub’ thru the UK steppers impulse of ‘Energy Dub Crisis’, to the knotted rhythms of ‘Capital Crash’, almost Muslimgauze-esque thizz on ‘Contagion Dub’, and the metallic industrial skronk of ‘No God No Devil Dub’.