Gost Zvuk prepare for a busy 2023 with an enthralling double LP’s worth of futurist sound design from Flaty. In the game for more than a decade now, the producer, mastering engineer and all-round visionary artist has delivered an impressive range of music across both his own ANWO imprint as well as for West Mineral ltd., 12th Isle, Firecracker and more.

Always content to subvert expectations and blur stylistic lines, on Intuitive Word there is a clear fascination with a spectral, whittled-down-to-its-core type of avant-pop/RNB hybrid. Digital strings, dubbed beyond recognition semantic snatches, re-imagined new age style synthesis and even flourishes of MMORPG computer game soundtracks all combine into something that feels uniquely Flaty. In a sense, Intuitive Word marries ambient sound collage and hyperreal, narrative-style vocal processing. However, glimmers of shoegaze and old ‘ethereal’ bands (think Harold Budd & Cocteau Twins) crop up on tracks like ‘Tree’ and ‘Nepal Lit’, a testament to Flaty’s skill for world-building and atmospherics.

Across the 19 cuts there is a recurring theme of choral style, computer-generated elegies. A kind of ‘cristal trance’, in their words. ‘Mint’ combines these with overtly RNB style vocal samples, whereas darker, more broken beat soundscapes can be heard on the Madteo collab ‘Observer’. With plenty of sombre and cinematic style ventures such as ‘NEWS’ breaking up the album and eschewing this focus on vocals, we find one of the most consistent producers in the current Russian scene delivering what may well be his most accomplished collection yet.