Pressed to whitelabel by popular demand, and with a bonus cut not found on the late ’21 digital drop, ‘DRS X’ takes its place as a mad flex between Italian sound alchemist Nino Pedone (Shapednoise) and Kenyan bass futurist Freddy Njau (aka Slikback), deploying ratchet mutations of bass-boosted Memphis drill, spiralling dystopian noise, gqom and Kongo tekno bullets.

Wounding with intent, Slikback and his spar give the dance something to properly worry about with five tracks that take radical US rap as the jump-off for bouts of overproof bass-boosted nastiness wreathed in scything, barbed distortion.

After a hoarse intro constructed from ghost groans and frayed synths that sound like your electronic music heroes bricked into a basement wall by sheer bass weight, the duo get mobile with ‘Trionstrapx’, a cyberpunk awakening that’s balanced on distorted TR-808 throbs n subs, before ‘Off the Rails’ jolts the tempo, folding saturated kicks into pressurised footwork swings that recoil into Kongo tekno madness.

Like both artists’ solo gear, “DRS X” sounds as if it’s been transmitted thru hotwired alien technology from the far future – ‘Xoysime’ is robotic and apocalyptic, all drill x martian energies, while new track ‘Katana’ closes the set with ear-splitting gqom styles, pulverised to a pulp and salted to taste.

Ruthless business for the headstrong and foolhardy from two of the most twisted dynamos in the game.