They’ve been called the World’s Greatest Party Band, and it’s a reputation that they’ve maintained for way longer than 30 years with cool folks who were in the know from the beginning, but there’s no question that the B-52’s secured their title with mainstream audiences with their 1989 album COSMIC THING.

In celebration of the album’s 30th anniversary, Rhino is reissuing the record in an expanded edition, one which – in addition to newly remastered sound on the original album tracks – also includes a collection of B-sides, remixes, and heretofore-unreleased songs from the band’s 1990 Cosmic Tour.

At this point, it occurs to us that maybe you aren’t 100% sure which songs are contained on COSMIC THING, and we’ll provide you with the full track listing of this set in just a moment, but for now we’ll just confirm your suspicion that, yes, this is the album that includes “Love Shack, “ “Roam,” “Deadbeat Club,” and “Channel Z.” You couldn’t get away from this LP in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, and now it’s going to be back in your orbit in a big way.