Tenderly propelling and full of haunting melodies: Studio Mule reissues Sakura Tsuruta’s so far digital-only, self-released debut album C/O from November 2022. An evocative first long player by Tokyo based artist, who was trained in classical piano during childhood, played with brass instruments, studied music production, and is today active as a composer, live performer, and versatile DJ. With C/O, she expressed her personal history in a fluid, around 43-minute-long light flooded, yet darkish musical vision. Eight profoundly composed tracks, melding complex rhythms with emotional airs, tripping arpeggios, and ghostly sounds, slightly influenced by some of her favorite artist like Björk, Holly Herndon, or Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. “C/O is a love letter for the experiences, people, and memories I had in the last two years that I spent producing this album. I also like that the letter ‘c’ looks like an incomplete circle, whereas the letter ‘o’ is a full circle.”