Whew! Outta nowhere, Telesoniek Atelier’s airspun synth-works land exquisite on the mind somewhere adjacent Dominique Lawalrée and Tarkovsky soundtracks for a truly unmissable introduction to the world at large

In ten dream-weaving works for various synths, Telesoniek Atelier present themselves as quite the enigma. Arriving with little to no background info beyond their name Hans J. Kulk – responsible for a small handful of CDrs – and the track titles, we’re left to deduce that they possibly hail from the Lowlands, but it’s anyone’s guess, really.

And it’s no matter, with its gossamer fine appreciation of extended melodic thought, spellbinding timbre and pace that lulls listeners to the lushest hypnagogic states, the collection is like the quietest sections of Dominique Lawalrée’s floating nocturnes, the most romantic turns of Kevin Drumm or the kind of transportive, atmospherically narrative substance to gems on La Scie Dorée. Basically it’s the kind of rare essence that we all hunt for.