The eponymous debut of Oh Wonder came about in September 2014, when the songwriting team of Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht embarked on a goal to record and release a song per month for a year, culminating in a full-length album. What the duo didn’t foresee was accumulating millions of digital streams of their songs in the meantime, leading to a record deal with Republic Records and sold-out future tour dates before the album was completed or they’d ever set foot on a stage. The resultant 15-track LP (including two previously unreleased tracks, “Without You” and “Plans”) is a unified-sounding, thoroughly mellow, wistful collection of bedroom keyboard-and-drum-machine tunes defined most prominently by West and Vander Gucht’s unison vocal delivery of each song. With a slow-grooving, R&B-infused style that’s technically electronic, effectively it’s more a descendant of the Everything But the Girl and Sade realm of English sophisti-pop with touches of contemporary glitch.

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