The first album on Toy Tonics is the debut album of Toy Tonics label boss, Kapote. And it’s kind of a manifesto of the label’s sound: a perfect blend of jazz funk and slow house. It’s time to solve the mystery as to who Kapote is: it’s Munk! It’s the same person. It’s Mathias Modica. The Italo-German music nerd, label owner, vinyl collector, keyboard wizard, DJ, and producer based in Berlin. Modica is both artists: Munk and Kapote. And he is the creative mind behind Toy Tonics and Gomma. Now, after six Kapote EPs, it’s time to do this album: On What It Is, he plays basslines that remind the deep funk of the 1970s. He plays crazy Rhodes solos (he used to study jazz piano) and programs heavy funky beats on the drum machines. Modica is music obsessed with a crazy collection of rare vinyl and a jazz piano player with skills on many instruments. And he combines both: rare samples and live instruments. “Jaas Func Haus”, “Salva Tion”, and “Fusion 79” are broken beat house with a heavy jazz fusion feel. Keyboard solos, funk chords, a Bob James 1970s vibe. Some crazy saxophone licks switching in from time-to-time. “Delirio Italiano” is a stand-out track: it’s Italo disco. On “Brasiliko Kapote” is influenced by the warm old Brazilian disco sounds — lot of Rhodes and flute solos, no samples at all. The following tracks (“Fuck Music”, “The Nose”, “Get Down Brother”, “L.O.V.E.”) were released in different versions before, but have been reworked for the album. Shorter, with new mix and lot of changes. The other two new tracks (“Salva Tion”, “Space Drum”) are dirty, mid-tempo, broken beat jams with a unique funk vibe.

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