“The Original Faces may carry the brisk, shadowy feel of autumn, but the album also functions as a fine soundtrack to 2015’s dwindling, squinty, sweaty dog days, conjuring melted popsicle flies and elusive breezes. The simple beauty of Liz Harris’s sustained, reverb-doused vocals engage with the traditional 90s indie rock arrangements in an overtired-bordering-on-second-wind fashion. Each song (especially the epic “Dying All The Time”) calls to mind an acute yearning tamped down by mental and bodily fatigue. It’s got adorably terrible posture and pouts in a way that feels quietly celebratory. Gravity finds a faint, twitchy play on your limbs, as the emulsified elegiac rock motifs gauze you up. The experience is fleeting, but masterful enough to bear up under countless repeat listens.” –tinymixtapes

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