“Towards distance –
embarking upon a journey into the unknown, where only the journey is the reward – not the destination. A road trip into distance. Towards the horizon. Getting in motion and never standing still. This album – my first one – is a product of my own journey towards distance. My time-out at the other side of the Atlantic Ocean – 6 months in New York. This imagination and experience has filled me with positive energy. I found myself in a new situation full of self-determination and concentration (revive). In order to structure this idle space (empty quarter) for me I dedicated the early morning hours with a calm and alert mind to exclusively making music. No interruption, no distraction entered these bright morning hours (region luminous), during which this album was created. During this window I went on a musical expedition, I developed new ways of creating music and finally found the content and form of expression with which I wanted to fill this space (towards distance)My dearly beloved blueberry granola (layers & blueberries) gave me perfect energy for these early hours and served as inspiration for for the track of the same name. During this phase I wanted fully engage in the journey without looking too far ahead and without expecting anything too precisely. I tried to focus more on why I wanted to do what I did than how to do it.”

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