Cunts is the new project of Los Angeles scene vets Michael Crain (Festival Of Dead Deer / Retox / Dead Cross), Sterling Riley (Hepa.Titus / Orphan Goggles), Keith Hendrikson (Virginia Reed / Kill The Capulets), Kevin Avery (Retox / Planet B) and Matt Cronk (Qui). Cunts is a band that requires no explanation.
Since appearing on the LA underground scene in early 2018, Cunts have earned a reputation for their blistering and intense (and often violent) live shows. Equal parts catharsis and blood-letting, Cunts as a live entity is an unapologetic display of rage and sex, of belligerence and contempt, of body and soul.
Cunts is an iteration of disgust, a statement of contempt. In an age when degrees of absurdity are the only accurate unit of measure, Cunts stand defiantly in the face of a declining civilization and thumb their collective nose. They have no use for lofty ideology or half-cocked idealism. They do not seek your approval any more than they need your permission; that is to say, not at all.
Cunts’ self-titled debut sees release on Ipecac Recordings. Contained therein are 13 tracks of face-ripping violence; no slogans, no manifestos, no appeals to the heart. The album stands as both score and tribute to society’s imminent, self-inflicted collapse. Cunts are not here to uplift you, save you, or hold your hand. Cunts are not beholden to the group-think mentality of anyone or anything. Cunts do not care what you think.

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