“It was a nice surprise to get an email from old friends and one of my favorite bands I ever got the chance to work with Broken Water concerning a new LP entitled Wrought that they were looking for the right label for. Fast forward a few months following a good bit of work and even more time and energy put in by the band and in our hands is Wrought the bands newest and finest LP. Broken Water isn’t new to the scene, they still call Olympia WA home after years of crossing the country on tours, taking the music on the road and into the studio showing a persistence and heart often rare in the immediacy and short duration cycles of the internet age. They still take the risks of sacrificing for the music, for the message, for the experience of creating and the depth and meaning of this experience isn’t lost in the result. Wrought to these ears is Broken Waters deepest record with the most feeling, not an easy feat after creating some much great music prior. Wrought was recorded and mixed with Steve Fisk (Nirvana/Beat Happening etc.) and sores to sonic heights even bigger, deeper, and more expansive then the other releases. Still present is the duality of the sound, the soft catchy melodies and the sonic heaviness that stands as a contrast and works well to compliment the duality of emotion in the melodies and the questions and commentary and lyrics propose. Wrought is another great addition to an already great discography by Broken Water.”

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