Proper stunning 12-track LP of ruffneck, downtempo breakbeats, ultra-sparse electro and gorgeously melancholic, after-the-flood ambience from Pessimist and Loop Faction. Much like the Pess & Karim Maas album from earlier this year, We All Have An Impact is an Isolationist’s dream synthesis of low-slung trip-hop rhythms and suspenseful, blood-vessel-bursting dub-techno pressure – but the range of mood and tone and emotion is much wider here, moving up from the roiling depths of darkside into more numinous, ethereal, cautiously blissed-out climes…a kind of post-apocalyptic soundboy take on New Age?!

Perhaps. Certainly it takes the alternately crisp and MDMA-bleary sonics, and the edgeland pagan spirit, of classic “intelligent” techno – B12, Ross 154, Ae’s Amber, REQ, Future Sound of London’s Life Forms, etc- and brings it bang-up-to-date with cutting-edge drone-logic, field recording and heavy-ordnance sub-bass. More than anything I think it reminds me of Urban Tribe’s Mo’Wax-flattering The Collapse of Modern Culture, that incredible, futureproof cold-fusion of hip-hop and yearning, deep-space-Detroit blooz which still hasn’t REALLY been assimilated.

One of the albums of the year, for sure.

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