“Babes In Toyland made a big noise on the indie circuit for a short period of time. The best part of that big noise was their second album, “Fontanelle”, a brilliantly horrific fairy-tale of noise. The album opens with “Bruise Violet” a two-minute blast of in-your-face grungy punk. The dynamic Kat Bjelland creates with her voice between screaming and singing softly is quite effective – her soft singing is equally as scary as her throat-tearing screams, she carries it off well on “Won’t Tell” and “Pearl” too. The two songs following “Bruise Violet” “Right Now” and “Bluebell” are similarly ferocious balls of energy. The instrumental, “Quiet Room” and the following track “Spun” are both eerie, adding to the album’s creepy, fairy-tale aesthetic. Harrowing ballad “Gone” ends the album and has smashing bottles and screaming in the background which, like much of the album, is quite scary. It’s great album, it takes me right back.” –Norman Records

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