Odditties Sodomies Vol. 2 is the long awaited second volume of uncollected music by Ariel Pink, compiled from non-album tracks, outtakes and rarities spanning 1999 – 2018. The collection includes unheard music from Ariel’s historic run of releases as Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti as well as recent recordings made over the last decade.
This entry of Ariel Archives is a companion to expanded reissues of all eight original Haunted Graffiti releases, including a reissue of Odditties Vol. 1 plus a third volume of Odditties to pick up where Vol. 2 left off. The ambitious cycle of reissues and new collections reckons with the treasure trove of material Ariel recorded during the most prolific phase of his artistic development. Born Ariel Marcus Rosenberg in 1978, and raised in the Beverly Glen neighborhood of Beverly Hills, Ariel’s encounter with the fringe music scenes of Los Angeles – first in Sunset Strip nightclubs and local record stores, then later at CalArts with a coterie of musical troublemakers – lead him down a creative rabbit hole that resulted in some of the most inventive and influential underground music made in the early 2000s.
Ariel’s music experiments with multivalence, often layering multiple narratives in one song or various styles across the same album. This suggests an important element of Ariel’s music is not the establishment of a single artistic voice but an exploration of “performativity” and stylistic adventure. Odditties Vol 2. shows Ariel inhabiting various musical identities, stretching for example between deliberately theatrical, baroque modes and more sincere, unmasked expressions. In genre terms, Odditties ranges from neo-Prog-Rock to Post-Punk and any / everywhere in between.
Odditties Vol. 2 gathers the overspill from Ariel’s series of Haunted Graffiti albums and follows similar odds and ends to present day. Contributions include tracks co-written with John Maus (“The Law”) and with Patrik Berger, Mac Demarco, and Charlotte Ercoli Coe (“Party Zone World”). In addition there is a cover by The Smiths (“This Night Has Opened My Eyes”) and a quartet of recent songs recorded in between July 2017 – December 2018 (“Bolivian Soldier”, “Stray Here With You”, “House of Yesterday” and “You Can Have It All”).

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