Sommor Records present the first ever vinyl reissue of Alacrán’s self-titled release, originally released in 1971. Powerful hard-rock with West Coast, psychedelic, prog, and Latin-rock touches from Spain, featuring killer lead guitar and organ, sung in English. The missing link between Los Brincos and Barrabas! Alacrán was a Spanish power-trio formed by legendary drummer, songwriter and producer Fernando Arbex along with guitar/keyboard player Oscar Lasprilla and bass player/singer Ignacio “Iñaki” Egaña. Fernando and Oscar had previously played in famous Spanish beat band Los Brincos; Fernando was a founding member and Oscar, who came from Colombia where he had been part of Los Speakers, was recruited for their final line-up, recording with them the psych masterpiece “Mundo, Demonio y Carne”. Iñaki Egaña was an acclaimed bass player who came from psych/blues band Los Buenos. So basically, these are three of the best musicians from the Spanish ’60s-70s scene. When they started to play together, chemistry occurred and soon, guided by Fernando, they entered the studio to lay down some tracks. Alacrán was the result, the only album by this short-lived power-trio, recorded in 1969 but not released until 1971 (as a self-released edition, distributed by the Zafiro label). It was released in Spain and Brazil but despite the good reviews and interest from some record labels in the US, the band never got to play live and soon they split. Alacrán was over but Barrabas, featuring Fernando and Iñaki, was born… Master tape sound; Hard cardboard sleeve and obi; Includes four-page, color insert with liner notes and rare photos.

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