“Orphaned Deejay Selek is no Analord 12. For one thing, many of the Analord releases sound positively lo-fi compared to the eight tracks here. The separation of the sounds in the mix, and the way they stake out a position in space, is nothing short of spellbinding. He’s also not kidding about the “deejay” part of the title: These really are some of the most straightforward pieces of music that James has put his name to in years. They’re far more focused on rhythm, on that ineffable quality known as the groove, than either of his other recent releases.

James dives right in at 144 BPM on “dmx acid test” and doesn’t let up, tearing through five tracks at the sort of tempos that haven’t often been heard in techno since the ’90s. “acid test” puts twin 303s through their paces while he lays down hissing, snapping electro rhythms; that track seamlessly gives way to “oberheim blacet1b”, a slightly more baroque variation on the same theme that gives free rein to his wild, microtonal tunings. “simple slamming b 2″ is just what the title suggests, right down to the four-to-the-floor kick drums and rolling, 16th-note hi-hats.” –Pitchfork

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