Forest “Forest” (Timeless)

2020-03-13T20:34:10+00:00February 28th, 2020|

New grey-area LP reissue label, based in Luxembourg. All LPs say they are editions of 500, which I suppose you could believe if you wanted to… Gatefold sleeve on this first Forest LP, originally released on Harvest in 1969. “A really nice album of trippy rock tracks with lots of nice folksy touches! These songs are filled with so much imagination, color, charm, and melancholy solitude that they just transport you to a place between worlds! Deep into a forest between consciousness and vivid dreamscape — that’s where this will take you. The group’s a trio, all of whom sing lead vocals from time to time, and instrumentation includes organ, harmonium, piano, percussion, guitars, electric harpsichord, mandolin, and cello: all swirling around in a style that’s got traces of late work by Tim Hardin, Love, Nico, and early Roy Wood. Titles include ‘Bad Penny,’ ‘Fading Light,’ ‘A Fantasy You,’ ‘While You’re Gone,’ ‘Do You Want Some Smoke,’ and ‘Rain Is On My Balcony.’ Excellent!”

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